Vayuna Therapeutics is developing precision medications derived from nature's most potent plants to target treatment-resistant cancers within genomically defined patient populations

Our Team

Hasib Salah-Uddin Ph.D (Acting CEO)

Dr. Salah-Uddin is a leading expert in assay development and molecular screening and has extensive experience in drug discovery for the treatment of psychiatric, neurological, and metabolic disorders as well as oncology. He has a professional background in both industry and academia that includes Director of Assay Development & Molecular Screening at the Drug Discovery Institute of the Mount Sinai Health System in New York. He has also held various positions in drug discovery at The Scripps Research Institute and University of Miami as well as GlaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly.


Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, Medicine & Therapeutics
B.Sc.( Hons ), University College London, Biochemistry.

Dennis Brown Ph.D

Dr. Brown is a renowned serial entrepreneur in the biotechnology sector and a cancer biology expert. He has more than thirty years of drug discovery and development experience and has served as Chief Scientific Officer and Director of DelMar Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:DMPI) (Kintara Therapeutics, Inc) as well as Chairman of Mountain View Pharmaceutical’s Board of Directors. He founded ChemGenex Therapeutics, which merged with a publicly traded Australian company to become ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CXS/NASDAQ:CXSP), of which he served as President and a Director. He was previously a co-founder of Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc. , where he served as Vice President of Scientific Affairs and as VP of Discovery Research. He have also served as an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard University Medical School and as a Research Associate in Radiology at Stanford University Medical School.


Ph.D., New York University, Radiation and Cancer Biology M.S.,
New York University, Cell Biology B.A.,
New York University, Biology and Chemistry

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